Image of Arduino K090007 Kit Starter Kit (Japanese) Education ATMega328

Arduino K090007 Kit Starter Kit (Japanese) Education ATMega328

This starter kit includes everything you need to explore the exciting world of Arduino. Use the 15 different projects in this starter kit to discover the wide range of possibilities that modern electronics have to offer. Once you've completed all projects you'll also have created a range of software and hardware applications that enable you to come up with your own exctiting projects that puts a smile on the face of someone who knows you. Assemble. Hack. Share. Do it the Arduino way! Projects:- 01 GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS: A guide to what's containted in this kit.- 02 SPACESHIP INTERFACE: Design a spacecraft control.- 03 LOVE-O-METER: Measure your passion. - 04 COLOR MIXING LAMP: Generate all colours using a colour-controlled lamp. - 05 MOOD CUE: Express your mood. - 06 LIGHT THEREMIN: Create music by moving your hands.- 07 KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT: Create tunes and sound by pressing keys.- 08 DIGITAL HOURGLASS: An hourglass that stops you working too much. - 09 MOTORIZED PINWHEEL: A color wheel that makes your head spin.- 10 ZOETROPE: a mechanical animation that moves forwards and backwards. - 11 CRYSTAL BALL: A mystical tour to answer all important questions.- 12 Knock KnockTM function LOCK: Unlock doors with a secret knock code.- 13 TOUCHY-FEEL LAMP: A light that responds to touch. - 14 TWEAK THE Arduino LOGO: Control your PC via Arduino.- 15 HACKING BUTTONS: A universal multi-purpose remote control.This text is machine translated.

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