Image of Arai Concept-XE Speedblock White Full Face Helmet Größe S

Arai Concept-XE Speedblock White Full Face Helmet Größe S

Arai Concept-XE Speedblock White Full Face Helmet The 1980s. Naked motorcycles. An attitude that made you feel different from everybody else. Introducing the Concept-XE. Recalling the simple yet aggressive style of that era, this helmet came from the heart of Arai R&D. They loved the looks, but that was about it. Now, the Arai techs want old-school cool, to fit their style and motorcycle, but they want cool with modern Arai performance. Concept-XE’s brute simplicity is the product of imagination, but make no mistake, while the retro style may grab attention it had to pass Arai’s stringent in-house testing. So underneath the aggressive look you’ll find a strong, lightweight PB e-cLc shell, with a smooth and round shape, reinforced with Arai’s proprietary peripheral belt, to slide across surfaces and glance-off obstacles. The VAS-VC shield system, with its retro mechanical look, further enhances glancing off performance by lowering the visor pivot point to maximize a smooth upper shell. Although a nod to the past, the Concept-XE is very much a helmet of the present. Ready for a generation of modern riders that demand a new, old style - but with the performance and comfort only an Arai can provide. Features of the Concept-XE General * Outer shell PB e-cLc * Variable Axis System (VAS) Ventilation * Free Flow System (FFS) * Hidden multi-stage air channel Front ventilation * Brow vents** * Inner chin (bar) vent shutter Rear ventilation * Neck exhaust vent * Side exhausts Aerodynamics * Fixed Chin Spoiler Visor * VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option * New shield latch lever * Pinlock insert lens included Interior * Antimicrobial Liner material * Replaceable Cheek Pads/Ear cups * Replaceable Interior * Speaker pockets * Facial Contour System (FCS) * 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Ear cups/Cheek pads * 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad Comfort * Emergency Release System (ERS) Approval * ECE R22-06
Grau - Glasfaser

Price: EUR 650.35

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