Image of Ant-Man Grand Heritage Adult Costume ID RU821132-ST

Ant-Man Grand Heritage Adult Costume ID RU821132-ST

Thinks for Thanking of Me And the award for most awkward Avenger goes to... Scott Lang! It was a close call (Bruce Banner definitely has some awkward moments in Thor: Ragnarok), but his amazing stumbling when meeting Captain America really takes the cake. Of course, that's what we love about Ant-Man. Can you imagine meeting Steve Rogers and keeping your cool? We can't! We'd totally botch our introduction too! If you want to harness your charming awkwardness into some superhero work, then maybe it's time to get outfitted in this Ant-Man Grand Heritage Adult Costume! It's officially licensed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so you'll get an authentic look when you suit up in it. Product Details This adult costume starts with a detailed jumpsuit that has foam armor padding in the chest, arms, and legs. It also has molded features to help recreate his iconic Pym-tech armor as seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame. The suit fits with a zipper in the front, making it quick and easy to change into this costume. The molded belt fits around the waist with a fastener in the back. The gloves have molded metallic pieces on the tops and are designed to fit most sizes. Finally, you can't be Ant-Man without his signature mask! This costume comes with a molded mask, which has a metallic paint job and small antennae on the top. The eyeholes have mesh covers, which allow for vision. (Note: vision may be slightly impaired while wearing the mask.) Once you have it all on, you'll be ready for your introduction to the team!

Price: USD 499.99

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