Image of AVT100 Orange for Oracle DBA Edition ID 4610191

AVT100 Orange for Oracle DBA Edition ID 4610191

Benefits Wait Event Monitor• Monitoring sessions assigning maximum 8 wait events concurrently • Providing session lists occurring for assigned wait events • Interfacing to Plan Tool for the query by double clicking the session list Data Generation Tool• Selecting a data generation method according to the column format and generating data randomly as many as the assigned numbers Stats Manager• Collecting statistics information using the DBMS_STATS package  Database ServerOracle 7.3 and higher  New Features Schema Browser• Directory, Queue, Scheduler, Job, Dimension Tap  SQL Tool• Outputting all query results as a Grid Result in case of executing more than 2 statements • Changing a Layout, the result window as Drag & Drop Description Tool• Searching object source based on source• Searching segment data size (table, index, snap shot) • Oracle 11g Support Export / Import Tool• Oracle 11g Data Pump Support  System RequirementsOperating System • Windows NT • Windows 2000 • Windows XP • Windows 2003 • Windows Vista • Windows 7 Installation Capacity  • 70MB         ▶ Overview As a database-client software, Orange is the tool to more exactly and quickly manage and develop database for database administrators and developers. It is easy to use for database administrators as well as developers and provides the reason and information of issues in time offering light and intuitional GUI interface. Also, it is possible to execute more than 16 designed to be minimized for resource consume without server load and you can use DB from Oracle to Altibase without any difficulty. Furthermore, it supports Instant Client, Data pump and AWR Report of Oracle. Orange is the only solution which supports all DBMS such as Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, SYBASE IQ, SYBASE ASE, Altibase, Tibero and Telcobase. It has been upgraded for 13years consistently since it released 1.0 version in 2001 and now V. 6.0 is released and commercialized. It provides that it is the optimized solution for enterprises operating database thorough more than 200,000 users. Development  Data structure checking & object management, SQL query writing, PL/SQL editing & debugging, execution and optimization  Monitoring Malicious SQL extraction, Issued session confirmation and Monitoring Lock/Latch  TuningMalicious SQL improvement, improved performance and Top-N SQL analysis  DBADB operating status checking, key statistics information management and data recovery   ▶ FunctionsDBA Edition   Orange 6.0 DBA Edition can be utilized of all functions for Orange. It meets users’ various requirements and supports stable database operation and management function. Furthermore, it supports to be able to understand needing key information for operating databases such as all sorts of statistics information, security information, Health Check, reports and so on at a glance. Instant Monitor It displays the most important and favorite key statistics information among various statistics information related to server operation as 9 graphs so it helps to figure out the current server status at a glance.  Wait Event Monitor It monitors the wait events when the performance is temporarily degraded. It displays the wait event data to show their changes at the refresh interval in seconds to the list, graph and chart.  Space Manager It provides functions to check the overall status for the physical, logical location and the usage status per segment clearly and to manage it systemically. Security Manager It provides functions to search defined users and privileges and etc related to security in various viewpoints easily and to manage the information in real-time. Stats Manager It provides a function to generate statistics information for segment object like table, index and cluster easily.  Health Check It categorizes (General, SGA, Wait Event, I/O, Space, Access Type, MTS, OPS) the services requested by a client after the database is executed and displays it as HTML format. Log Miner It searches the Redo Log saving the modified contents of databases as various options and recovers the changed things through Update, Insert and Delete AWR Manager It is usually used by database administrators and monitors database performance as a report format. It has various report sorts such as ADDM(Auto Database Diagnostic Monitor), AWR(Automatic workload Repository), AWR SQL, AWR Diff and ASH(Active Session History). ER Viewer  Expresses a relationshipof all existing entities in Schema using a diagram. Properties of entities and specific attributes are also able to be found out at a look. Scripts => Entity Relation Diagram       SQL automation Provides SQL automationwhich shows objects or available words to use in Schema when filling SQL statements in.      Supports forSecure-FTP                             Supports a improved SFTP for security at the “Trace, Plan view” as well asgeneral FTP.          Object ReportSince objects can begenerated in user-defined report form, it is possible to manage documents systematically using outcomes. In addition to this, basic report forms for Table Report/View Report/Object List Report are provided, and also provides a function to manage reports generated by a user additionally. Schema Browser As a package of schema object (Table, Index, Trigger, Constraint, View, Synonym, Sequence, Procedure, Function, Trigger, User), it provides the directory object and the table space information which is one of database factors that users often see. Also, it has functions to search and create multiple objects and modify objects per the characteristics. Template Browser It arranges the DML, DDL, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Control Structure, Pseudo Column, SQL Function and SQL Optimizer Hint lists in a tree form so that the users can easily generate the command without having to worry about the complex command rule. Double click a command to create the template in the editor window of the SQL tool. Also, it focuses on convenient and easy generation in case of SQL writing by opening Template Browser as a separate window.SQL Tool It provides the functions to create and execute the SQL and save procedure as well as to check the result. The double frame at the top and bottom allows the result to be checked in real-time while editing. It can be executed all at once, sequentially or only the selected SQL statements. PL / SQL Tool As a tool to quickly generate PL/SQL procedure, function or package to help application development and database tuning, PL/SQL Tool has functions for debugging and compiling and it provides a source lock function. It guarantees the exclusiveness of the source to users in the same time. Plan Tool It provides the real time Trace information for SQL statements and multiple execution plans. Also, you can compare execution plans of SQL statements returned for same results conveniently. Besides, it provides details of schema object included in query. Table Editor It provides data editing (delete, insert and update) of the accessible table, selecting of partial data according to condition and saving. Trace Tool As it provides the parsing information and execution plan data in real time by analyzing the trace file of local DB or remote DB, it helps more quickly tuning SQL(s) which has negative effects by extracting SQL occurring of inefficient database access or huge physical disk I/O. Description Tool It provides details including the configuration script for multiple database objects such as table, view, stored procedure and etc in database and search function based on object name, created date and changed date.Database Information It displays the operating environment parameter configuration information including the database version and it can be adjusted on the UI.Data Dictionary Tool It categorizes various views existed in Oracle according to characteristics and roles, and provides the descriptions, so that users can easily understand and query various views. Query Builder It helps the application program developers, database administrators and general users to generate the logical database object model in the GUI environment. The queries can be generated by adding the objects or setting the relation between objects, and the queries can be added or changed using the Select, From, Where, Group By, Having, and/or Order By tabs described below. Network Configuration Tool It supports SQL*Net network configuration from a client and provides a function to easily execute Ping test, TNS Ping test and Oracle connection test.SQL Monitor It provides a function to find malicious queries through various search conditions such as execution time, the number of blocks read, the number of blocks read for each unit execution and the number of execution in the SQL statements stored in the memory.Session Monitor It searches the list of the connected sessions in the database as multiple options and provides the SQL statement which is running by a certain session, Transaction/Lock/Latch event generation and session statistical data.Import Tool / Export Tool It is a tool providing GUI to import and export data conveniently using Imp, Exp utility and Data Pump provided by Oracle. Load Tool / Unload Tool It is a tool to store the existing data in a text/excel file to table and it provides multiple options to load data. Unload Tool is a tool to unload the existing data in table as TXT/CSV/XLS files. Data Generation Tool It generates arbitrary data and inserts them in a desired table. It supports random numbers (integers and real numbers), random character string, formatted character string, random dates and so on. Script Generation Tool It generates objects owned by users to a script file. Object Type can be selected for a script and it can filter the selected Object Type.    ▶ The Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Orange 1. DB application program development and performance management tool with the most    reasonable price. 2. Proven Tool with more than 200,000 worldwide customers3. Lower PC Memory Resource Use Compared With Competitor Products4. Included all key functions of competitor 5. Providing the real time Trace Information and Various Execution Plans for SQL statements6. Dedicated SQL Monitor Tool for Query Tuning7. Integrated Graph of Data File Information8. Various UI Options for users9. Automatic and Real Time Malicious Query Trace 10. Integrated View for session information 
Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows NT Windows Vista Windows XP

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