Image of AVT000 QMSYS Bundle Threads & Gauges + Tolerances & Gauges ID 4620378

AVT000 QMSYS Bundle Threads & Gauges + Tolerances & Gauges ID 4620378

The software bundle QMSys Threads & Gauges + QMSys Tolerances & Gauges provides the two products as a package on a discounted price. The bundle is suitable for thread manufacturers, engineers, quality control managers, mechanics.The software QMSys Threads and Gauges is a professional thread engineering program for calculation of external and internal threads, tolerances and fits for linear sizes, thread and plain gauges, plug, ring and checking gauges. The software allows choosing the thread parameters from the respective list or to be inserted directly – the user does not have to remember the designation of each thread type. After entering the thread parameters, all types of working, setting and checking gauges are being calculated, thus, the user does not have to bother with repeated entry of the same data for different gauges.The software QMSys Tolerances and Gauges comprises detailed information about the sizes and tolerances of workpieces, setting ring and plug gauges, workshop ring and plug gauges, as well as checking gauges. The software calculates the nominal sizes and limit values of workpieces, gauges and reference standards,  and thus aiding in the process of measurement and control of workpieces  and inspection of working and checking gauges.  The software also allows design of products, gauges and reference standards by selecting suitable tolerances and fits.Both software fully comply with international and national standards, regulations and guidelines, such as ISO, EN, DIN, ANSI, ASME, BS, JIS, IS, SAE, API, etc. 
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Price: USD 525.00

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Software AVT000 QMSYS Bundle Threads & Gauges + Tolerances & Gauges ID 4620378 USD 525.00

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